When to install updates/upgrades? - Updates/upgrades that are not automatically installed by the tools listed below should be done during off hour times (lunch breaks, after hours if you leave your computer at school, etc.) Please ensure all applications are closed before proceeding. Please note that Managed Software Center can only be used when you're on campus. 
Should you install updates? Absolutely.  With security vulnerabilities being found on a daily basis installing updates will ensure you stay on top of these. Features are also introduced with updates and upgrades.  
  • Windows Users -  Your computer will generally prompt you when you shutdown or log off. These updates are vetted & deployed by the Technology Department and are safe to install. Updates for third party applications are accomplished by that specific software makers update mechanism.

  • Mac users -  Certain updates are delivered via Managed Software Center. First party updates from Apple will also be installed with this tool. These updates may also appear in the Mac App Store or System Preferences depending on your OS version. Updates for third party applications installed by Managed Software Center should never be manually installed by any means This is to ensure all clients are running the same version and that we do not have instances of update fragmentation. 
    • Operating system upgrades(5/29/18 Edit) are permitted to be done without Technology Department approval. Updates to new releases of operating systems are tested throughout the beta period for compatibly purposes. Furthermore there is a preset delay of up to 45 days before any Mac can be updated after an upgrade is released to the public. Please note that those going from Sierra(10.12) to High Sierra (10.13) will have a much longer install time due to a drive formatting change. The technology department is not responsible for any data loss that may occur during operating system upgrades. Please backup important data before attempting an OS upgrade.
  • iPads - Updates and upgrades are controlled through our mobile device management system and by default will wait up to 45 days before either will be available to install. Updates can be freely applied after that 45 day window. This is necessary to ensure AIR Test compatibility for students. During testing windows in the fall and spring students and staff should refrain from installing any major system updates/upgrades)

As with anything there is a risk of data loss during updates and upgrades. Please ensure you have up to date backups. The Technology Department is not responsible for backing up user data except in certain situations and areas of the district.