Students and Staff

Web browser access

To access Canvas from any modern web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) enter . You will be prompted to enter your school provided Google account. If you are not redirected to a Google sign in page you should start over and ensure you entered the correct address. 

Canvas apps

Either app (Teacher or Student) will have a prominent blue button to Find my school. Pressing this will ensure you will also land at a Google sign in page.

NOTE: As noted above you must use your school provided Google account. If a personal is used here it will allow you login but will display a 403 app not configured for this user or a similar error. You must logout of this personal account before attempting to get into Canvas using your school provided account.


Web browser access

Unlike above Parents are not redirected to a Google sign in page. Instead you will enter where you will land on a page requesting an email address and password. Please note the account is not provided by the district and you must create your own account using the links on the page. Pairing codes will then link your account to your childs account.

Canvas Parent app

The login for either the iPhone or Android app is the same as above. Press Find School and enter Galion as the search term. Login with your email address and password.