While the technology department does not have a policy on the use of stickers, decorations or hard shell cases on your staff mac please keep in mind of a few things. 

  1. The stickers & decorations must not have permanent adhesive that will damage in anyway the laptop itself.
  2. While we want you treat this laptop as your own please keep in mind that it is a district asset and stickers are placed on it to make that apparent. Please do not move them, supplement them with permanent marker, or cover them in any fashion.
  3. Hard shell cases such as these should never be used. Hard shell cases offer scratch protection and little else. What else they do provide is an opportunity for dust and debris to enter on the bottom portion of the case and also in the case of off brands they may even block ports. The biggest issue however is the added weight the cover on the display adds. That added weight will wear down the hinges much, much faster than normal wear and tear. If a cover is used and it's not clear/see through we will ask you to remove it.
  4. Instead of a hard shell case it's recommend you use a laptop sleeve and in other circumstances it's simply down to proper placement and usage to prevent breakage from falls or trips. 
  5. For those that want to adorn their laptop with a sticker/decal this site offers numerous fun decals to place on the lid of your laptop. Again please refrain from covering asset or identification stickers.
  6. Please do not use stickers or markers to notate keyboard shortcuts or other writing on the keys themselves or around the keyboard. This includes M stickers.