If a delay, cancelation, or general message is sent out and you didn't receive it please let our department know as soon as possible. Please provide a working number (mobile or land-line), the building you work out of more than 50% of the time and we'll take care of the rest. Please note that ALL staff in the Central Office are tied to the High School. We do not and are not able to have a building setup in School Messenger for you. All other staff please ensure you have not blocked either the districts number (419-468-3432) or the number for the building you work out of. Staff with children in the district may get multiple calls only if separate numbers are in the system. 

Got a smart phone? Install the School Messenger InfoCenter app and get notifications of messages instantly! No waiting for your phone to ring! When the notification appears you can listen to the message immediately and as many times as needed. Additionally you can set contact preferences such phone call, text or push notification. 

Android (Google Play Store) - Because of operating system and hardware fragmentation on this platform you may not be able to install this on your phone. Please check the requirements on the Google Play Store.

SchoolMessenger InfoCenter - Android Apps on Google Play

Apple (App Store) - Requires iOS 8.0 or later

SchoolMessenger InfoCenter on the App Store - iTunes - Apple

To create an account use your school email address (last.first@galionschools.org) and create your own password. Please note that account management for this system is not the responsibility of the Technology Department. This means password resets need to be done via the app as we do not have any control over this. Once you're in the app it will prompt your device to allow notifications, it's up to you whether or not you say yes or no.