Starting with school year 2016-17 all app and book content are distributed to all iPads without the need of an Apple ID. 

All iPads setup by the technology department will be setup without an ID associated to it. In most instances an account may never be provided by us.

We can provide you with an Apple ID through the school however since the ID is not associated with an email address you will have to provide a mobile phone number so that the two factor authentication can allow you to login as well as provide password resets. A Google Voice account can be created if you prefer to not use your personal cell phone number to enable this. Certain restrictions apply to these such as FaceTime and Messages is not allowed and certain e-commerce features found in regular Apple ID's aren't available in these Managed Apple ID's. 

Self created Apple ID's must be created using a Gmail, Yahoo,, etc email address. Creating an Apple ID using your email address is not possible.

Do you use iTunesU?

Please note that a Managed Apple ID as explained above will be needed for iTunesU and using a personal account to create a class in iTunes U will cause students not to see your class.