This article is specifically for apps purchased by and managed by the technology department. 

The app store is filled with millions of apps and it can be tough to select one when you have so many choices. Below are some requirements to look out for:

  1. Price: Apps purchased through the Volume Purchase Program generally have a $.99 - 1.99 price reduction when purchased in quantities of twenty or more licenses. Apps that require more than fifty licenses (i.e. an entire grade) and the app is more than $2.99 per license may be denied. Free apps can be be "purchased" in larger quantities. Please note that it is considered poor practice to create an AppleID and place the app on more than 5 devices in a classroom. It can also be considered piracy if the app developer deems it as such. This is why we no longer allow access to the app store on any student device and thus need to purchase enough licenses for the amount of users/devices even if the app itself is free. There are NO exceptions to this whatsoever!
  2. Is it a one and done type app?: To be deemed usable your app must have been last updated no more than 1-2 months prior to your search i.e. if you searched for an app on 11/8/17 your app must have last been updated in 8/17 or 9/17. All apps must have iOS11 or greater compatibility. The developer must also be committed to updating the app. If the app was released in 2012 and has not had an update since then it is considered mothballed and will be denied.
  3. Is it an iPhone only app?: Apps aren't always cross platform and thus may only work on iPhones. An app only available for iPhones but not iPads can be installed in some instances but will have a significantly reduced user experience. In most instances an iPhone only app may not install due to the systems inability to locate the app.
  4. Does the app contain in-app purchases? - Apps that contain in-app purchases are not supported. If the requires or works best with one or more in-app purchases then an alternative app or the full version of the app must be used. This is a limitation and not necessarily a Technology Department policy, but we will approach these types of apps very carefully and may deny them on the spot. Certain apps may also have VPP 
  5. Duplication of current or built in apps. - If the app duplicates to a certain degree features or functionality of existing 3rd party or built in apps they may be denied. Devices have a limited amount of onboard storage so please keep that in mind.