All buildings as of 11/17 have one color copier located in the main office workroom. We do not automatically select black and white for you and thus your PaperCut account will reflect color print or copy jobs. To save on color toner and your PaperCut balances it's recommended you create a preset to change the color mode based on the document you're printing. 

If you're printing from a Mac please follow these steps to create printing presets: one for color and one for black and white text. Windows directions are further down the page

For this exercise I'll be using Microsoft Word but these steps can be done in any application.

1. Select Print from the File menu
File menu, select Print2. With the print dialog box open select Copies & Pages to open the menu

Print dialog box, choose Copies & Pages

3.  Select Printer Features from the menu

4. Select Color Mode in Printer Features an chose Color or Black and White. For this exercise I'm selecting Black and White.

5. Once you've changed the Color Mode you will need to save this is a Preset. Pull down the menu next to Presets: and chose Save Current Settings as Preset...

Save Current Settings as Preset...

6. Use a memorable and easy to understand name for the Preset. Since I changed the Color Mode to Black and White I'm naming this one Black and White. Ensure Only this printer is selected. DO NOT change it to All Printers or you'll cause havoc with the reset of your installed printer queues. When finished Press OK.

Preset name

7. To save the preset you must press print otherwise the preset will not save. 

8. If you wish to create another preset for Color printing you can return back to Step 1 and save another preset.


You have two options. You can use a pre-created One Click Preset from a list or create your own.

1. Select the printer from your list and press Preferences

Select printer and then press Prefences

2. For one time prints you can chose Color / Black and White and select the option you want and press Ok. This will not save this setting for future print jobs.

3. To quickly change to a pre-made or user-made Preset chose one from the One Click Preset List

4. To create a user-made Preset simply change the settings you wish to change on the right side of the window. Color mode is at the bottom and defaults on Color. Once finished click the Register Current Settings... button in the lower left hand corner.

Register Current Settings

5. Give the preset a name in the dialog box that appears. Name it how you wish but don't be too specific or it won't fit properly.

Naming Preset

6. Once finished you can identify a pre-made preset by the blue icon in the upper righthand corner.Example of a pre-made Preset