If you receive either of the messages below when attempting to open a document or quit Microsoft Word then please these three simple steps. Ex 1.1 & Ex 1.2

Ex 1.1

Ex 1.1Ex 1.2

Ex 1.2

  1. If Microsoft Word is open please close it. If you have difficulties please force quit the application.
  2. Open Managed Software Center select Categories then select InstallĀ under Repair Word Template - Ex 1.3
    • Please note that if you have pending updates those will be processed first. It's best to ensure those are completed first.

  3. Once Managed Software Center has finished please quit the application.
  4. Open Microsoft Word and ensure you do not receive the messages above (Ex 1.1 or 1.2) then immediately quit Word. The act of quitting Word will automatically recreate the necessary normal.dotmĀ template.

Ex 1.3

Ex 1.3