Rechargeable batteries as many know have a limited life span. Typically a notebook/laptop battery should last the entire life of the computer but there are occasions where it's life may be shortened. 

Below I'll list some Do's & Don'ts for your battery to help extend it's life either through the charge cycle or it's lifetime.


  • Keep your computer in a cool, comfortable environment. Hot computers stress components in general but batteries are very temperature sensitive especially in very cold or very hot environments.

  • Charge battery up to 70% when storing or not using computer for long periods of time.

  • Charge up fully and use until a 50% charge is remaining then recharge again.

  • Be plugged in when doing cpu/memory intensive projects such as in iMovie, iBooks Author, Garageband, etc.


  • Charge with a damaged charger or charge in the presence of liquids (i.e. near open top or non-spill proof containers or outside).

  • Purchase counterfeit or use repaired chargers. Counterfiet chargers are typically sold at Amazon or other resellers for under $40. Refurbished chargers from accredited resellers typically range in the $50-60 range. Repaired chargers are dangerous be it ones repaired DIY style with electrical tape or ones repaired by a non certified electronics shop.

  • Charge up fully then wait until 0 or -0% remaining before charging up again and then repeat the same behavior over and over. This behavior will cause premature battery failure. When a battery needs to charge from 0 to 100% it will cause a charge cycle to be recorded. A charge cycle occurs when a battery must cycle from having no available power to having full power. When charging up from 0% remaining the battery generates large amounts of heat which will shortening it's lifespan. *As of this writing (4/3/18) staff MacBooks should have no more than 60-70 charge cycles. There are at the time of this writing at least 30-40 with numbers above 100 and one with numbers above 300. Do not be one of these people.

    Checking Charge Cycles
    1. Mouse up to the very left side of your screen and click on the Apple logo 
    2. Choose About This Mac 
    3. When the window appears in the middle of your screen click System Report... 
    4. Select Power from the list on the left side of the window. 
    5. Under Health Information make a note of your Cycle Count. Anything over 60-70 is abnormal and you should alter your charging behavior immediately.


*The technology department does inventory cycle count data and will randomly do audits to ensure proper care and usage.