Q: What is TigerPass?

A: TigerPass is your Galion network login. It will allow you to authenticate(login) with the following devices or apps:

  • Desktop or laptop computers running Microsoft Windows
  • Desktop or laptop computers running Apple macOS
  • PaperCut mobility print (iPads and MidOhio devices).
  • PaperCut user dashboard (Check what has been printed and how much credit you have left in your account)
  • Setup assistant of an Apple iPad or MacBook Air

TigerPass is formatted the following way:

Usernames: lastname.firstname - Those with multiple last names or first and last combinations that are longer than 20 characters may be different. The tech department will notify those individuals if name shortening is necessary. 


    - Students are formulated using the students first two initials of the last name plus the five digit lunch code. Students in graduating classes 2021 and below will have the first letter capitalized. 

    - Staff do not have preset passwords and must create a password longer than 8 characters with some complexity (uppercase letters, special characters and numbers).