Microsoft AutoUpdate is an application that periodically checks, downloads and installs Microsoft Office updates. Occasionally this tool is updated by Microsoft and is deployed to your computer using Managed Software Center. As noted on another solution article some updates cannot be installed if the application it is updating is running in the back or foreground. 

If you notice Microsoft AutoUpdate is unable to install because it is open please check the following:

  • No Office applications are open. Even if the window is closed the application may still be running. Please check for a white or block dot under the icon on the Dock to ensure it is not running. See below for an example¬†Example of a running application
  • Microsoft Autoupdate is running in the foreground
  • Open Activity Monitor from your launchpad and do a search for Microsoft or MS in the search field. Highlight Microsoft AutoUpdate if found and click the X in the upper left hand corner of Activity Monitor and choose Force Quit.
  • Managed Software Center will start the install automatically once the process(application) has been quit.