Below is a list of currently active (broadcasted or hidden) wireless SSID's i.e. networks, and what you should as a staff member or student be on:

GT-district: This is our main wireless network for district-owned devices. It has no WPA2 password and is instead authenticated via a splash screen using your Google (stu) account. This login will expire after 30 days on all devices. No personal or guest devices should be on this network. Cart based (i.e. shared devices) iPads, MacBooks, Dell laptops, and Android Tablets should not be connected to this network.

GT-districtsharedThis network is strictly for bolted down devices such as Apple TV's, interactive displays and shared laptop or tablet carts. Do not remove or disconnect from this network.

GT-guest: For personal & guest phones(staff and students), tablets or computers. Please note that Self Service and AppleTV mirroring will still work on this network, but printing will notIf any district-owned device is found connected to this network it will be denied network access and you must switch back to the appropriate network. Users of this network must enter a valid mobile phone number. Please see the flyers posted around the school buildings and the central office for connection information.

GT-enrollment: This network is strictly for first time setup of district-owned devices. It is not to be used beyond that point. It is only available in certain areas of the campus at varying times of the year.

Network names, availability, and settings are subject to changes. Please revisit this page if you're unsure of what network your device should be on. Major changes will be broadcasted via other means of communication