NOTE: This article is intended for staff that received new or replacement computers after June 2019.

Administrator rights

Apple computers running macOS will be setup differently than they have in the past. During the setup process a user account is created based off your TigerPass account. This account has full administrator rights. Typically computers purchased online or in B&M stores for personal use will also do this. As June 2019 this is changing.

Why is this changing?
Administrator rights have a limited scope of usefulness when it comes to day to day use of a computer. They allow you to install applications or change a setting but for daily use it is not necessary. Furthermore administrator rights of a computer make it an easy target for all of the bad things found on the internet. We are changing this to make not only our lives as IT professionals easier but your's as well. With less chance of a malware infection you remain safe on the internet and our district network is less exposed.

What are the changes?

When you receive your computer, be it a new hire or a replacement computer after June 2019, your user account will be setup as having "standard" privileges. This means you have no automatic/prescribed administrator access. That being said we are not pulling the rug completely out from under you. On each computer will be an application called Privileges. To use this you simply right click on the green icon with a locked padlock and select Toggle Privileges. The icon will change to a orange/yellow color with an unlocked padlock. A window of 9-10 minutes will be granted for software installations or other activities requiring administrator rights. You will not need administrator rights for settings located in the System Preferences. Those panes have been unlocked for you and the settings can be changed at any time without needing to use the Privileges app.

How do I know if I have administrator rights or not?

The Privileges app has a dynamic icon that will show a yellow unlocked pad lock when you have admin rights and a green locked pad lock when you do not.