Please be aware of a few things before mirroring your iOS or macOS device:

  • You are not required to be on the same network as the Apple TV to mirror. The text shown on the Apple TV contradicts this, but any district provided network can connect to it including the guest. In fact AirPlay doesn't require either device to be connected to any network. 

  • AirPlay is not perfect and it may have occasional issues such as disconnecting the AirPlay session or glitches. This is largely due to network packet drops or other abnormalities. Just reconnect and pick up where you left off. No fuss no muss.

  • Mirroring your screen and playing back a video of any type(Youtube or otherwise) at the same time will result in audio or video abnormalities such as: skipping frames, audio not in sync, or sustained audio drops, etc. This is not the fault per-say of the technology but is the result of the Apple TV trying to draw the computer screen i.e. mirroring while also trying to keep up with a video and audio stream. To prevent this from occurring please AirPlay(versus AirPlay Mirroring) your videos instead doing both at the same time. Presently Google Chrome does not expose the AirPlay icon when viewing videos. Please use Safari to AirPlay videos until further notice.

  • AirPlay mirroring on iPads is limited to the resolution of the device, therefore it will not fill the projected/displayed screen. It is recommended you rotate your device and hold it horizontally.

  • Please visit this helpful Apple support document on how to AirPlay either your iPad or Mac.