If you intend to upgrade your Mac to the latest version this fall (2019) please be aware that Boxlight, the makers of the Mimio Studio classroom software and Mimio Teach bars does not have compliant software.

    Software such as Mimio Studio is coded using the 32bit architecture and macOS Catalina (10.15) is designed to run only 64bit software. This has been coming since at least 2010 and all software developers have been warned of this. Please stay on macOS Mojave or earlier until Boxlight can come up with compliant/compatible software.

    If you intentionally or inadvertently installed Catalina, downgrades are not possible and attempts to do so may comprimise your data. Lesson files in Mimio Studio can be emailed, put on a flash drive, etc and opened on a compatible coworkers computer for export in a format viewable on your machine.

5/7/20 - Boxlight is stating a Late Spring/Early Summer release plan for this Catalina compatible version.