If you've reset your NCOCC account through myNCOCC and you aren't able to login into your email please wait 5-10 minutes before accessing it again. 

When you reset that account it does not immediately take effect across the board. Outlook email is Cloud based thus the password reset needs time to propagate to Microsoft.  The 5-10 minute period as mentioned above will give it time to reach Microsoft's servers.

Additionally myNCOCC accounts expire every 90 days therefore you should be expected to reset that account before that 90 day window is up. Those that bypass myNCOCC to access their email will not be aware of this. It is crucial that even if you don't have any reason to access myNCOCC that you login at once every other week. 

If you continue to have login issues then that's indicative of another issue and you should contact the Technology Department as soon as possible.