Starting 4/7/20 all Mac notebook computers will have their Google Chrome installations inventoried to generate a list of Chrome Extensions.

Chrome extensions are a common gateway for malware and adware that can potentionally spread beyond Chrome. While it is unreasonable for us to suggest you not install extensions do be aware that because we don't manage these we also can't vet or block them. 

Chrome comes with a few extensions already installed for it's branded services such as Google Drive, Docs, Youtube. Third party extensions with the words: VPN, Norton, Proxy, Block, Search Encrypt, Flash Player, Converter,  Yahoo and AD Block should be considered unsafe and should be removed immediately. 

Users of Firefox should also take this warning to heart as it also allows extension installations and those can also contain malware.

Safari allows extensions as well but unlike the above browsers the extenions are installed outside the browser in the Mac App Store. That means they are vetted by a human being before they can be made available for us to install. Do not consider that as completely safe though as bad actors can game the system.

If you must install an extension investigate it first before installing. Do not risk your user account and document data for a Google Sheet add-on or file convertor.