The following is a collection of useful tips and tricks to secure your Zoom Cloud Meetings.

These settings are located on your Zoom profile page. Navigate to Settings on the lefthand side of the page to see them.

- Participants video

    Ensure this remains switched off. Webcams "muted" to prevent unnecessary disruption when a participant joins during an active meeting. You can still enable these during the meeting.

- Join before host

    Participants can't join until the host has officially started the meeting. This is useful for online classroom scenarios more than anything. This setting should be off by default and shouldn't be turned on.

- Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting

    Do not use your PMI and instead let the software generate a meeting ID. This will prevent unwanted guests from entering meetings if your ID has been compromised.

- Mute participants upon entry

    Same as above with participant video this setting will mute the microphone of a joining participant. Again this is useful for ensuring disruptions are kept to a minimum. Microphones can be enabled by the host at anytime after they join.

- Play sound when participants join or leave 

    Ensure this setting is enabled for the host only. Not a security issue per say but it is a distraction the other participants don't need.

- Screen sharing

    Default setting is on and host only. Setting this option to any setting may result in what's called "Zoombombing". Participants you may have let in inadvertently can screen inappropriate images or text from their screen to any other host or participant in the meeting.

- Remote control

    Default setting is on. Turn this off to prevent others from controlling host content or screens.

- Allow removed participants to rejoin

    This setting is self explanatory but should be turned to the off position if it is currently on.

- Waiting room

    This setting was enabled by default by Zoom. It can be changed but we recommend you do not. This ensures participants must wait before being allowed in. This again helps weed out instances of "Zoombombing". If you do happen to allow someone in that shouldn't be just remove them. The above setting will ensure they don't rejoin.    

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This document will be regularly updated with new or updated information.