iPadOS 13.4 mouse support

All iPads capable of running iPadOS 13.4 or later now supports the use of a mouse.

What's needed?

  • iPad Air 2, iPad 5th or 6th generation
  • iPadOS 13.4 or later. Version 13.4.1 is the latest when this article was published.
  • Bluetooth or wired(if you have an adapter) mouse. Do note that wireless mice that ship with a usb thumb drive or smaller adapter will not work. It must be a bluetooth mouse if it's wireless. An Apple(not 3rd party) USB3 camera adapter is needed for wired mice. All hardware mentioned here is not provided by the technology department.

Mouse support on an iPad is different than using a mouse on a full sized desktop or notebook computer. The cursor is not a "pointer" and is instead round. It will highlight or lock on items that be left or in some instances right clicked. 3rd party applications will need updates to fully support the mouse. While it can still used in those apps some buttons and gestures will not be supported until the developer makes the necessary changes.

Mice with clickable(center and if equipped left and right) scroll wheels will find them non functional. The scroll wheel itself will scroll up and down on long documents or websites with ease. These buttons need to be added in your Accessibility settings under Assistive Touch (Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssitiveTouch >> Turn On > Devices(Under Pointer Devices) > Bluetooth Devices > Select mouse > Customize Additional Buttons >> Click button on mouse when prompted and assign a gesture or action.

To get started open Settings and tap on Bluetooth. When your mouse is found tap on it to pair with it and you're off to the races!