If your iPad has charging issues please try the information below. If you find that none of these have helped or improved the situation please contact the technology department for repair or replacement of the charging brick or cable.

  1. The first thing to check is that you are using the correct charging brick and cable.
    1. The brick should look like the image below. If it does not and either appears smaller or is of a different shape a phone charger brick is most likely being used. Discontinue use of that immediately.
    2. Ensure your cable is a genuine Apple cable that was provided with your iPad. Generic cables are not supported and should have their use discontinued immediately.
  2. Next ensure your settings do not interfere with the iPad's ability to charge. The most common setting to cause this is screen brightness. Turning your screen brightness up to 100% will cause two things. First it will cause your battery life to suffer and will cause the charge level to drop significantly in a short amount of time. Secondly if your screen is on and the brightness is at the highest setting the iPad will consume all the power the charging system is giving it before it even makes it to the battery. Finally the other setting to cause battery charging issues is the screen lock setting (Settings > Display & Brightness >> Auto-lock). Changing this setting to anything other than the default 2 minutes will cause your screen to be on longer or even not turn off. If set as such the charging system on the iPad will not have enough power to supply both the screen and the battery at the same time. It will charge, albeit very slowly.
  3. If your device is low on battery power let it charge up to 40-50% before using power hungry apps like Garageband, iMovie, etc. Charging will slow down as the power needs of the device increase.

If you continue to have issues with battery charging or keeping a charge and you followed this document please contact the tech